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Nabin - Founder

Nabin is a native of Nepal and was born in a small village in the west of the country. From the very beginning, village life sensitised Nabin to Yoga, energy work and spirituality. Shaman healers and Yogis were part of his nurturing community close to the rhythms of nature, where Yoga, massage and energy work is a daily practiced. This environment led Nabin to an interest in the field of yoga, healing through touch and energy work.

Nabin began his work in this field in the early 1990s and has been teaching most recently in "The Kathmandu Centre of Healing" which he founded in March of 1997 for the preservation and promotion of Ancient Healing Arts.
His sensitivity to energy, perceptiveness and intuitive approach are refreshing in his teaching style.

In addition to Yoga, Nabin is a certified Ancient Thai (yoga) massage teacher and a Reiki Master.  Nabin offers attunement and healing in Reiki, practices integrated healing massage and has many years experience in Meditation and Yogic practices.
Nabin has traveled combining teaching and study through Asia and in Europe.

Since 2001, Nabin has focused most of his time in Ireland, teaching and practicing. In that time he has worked in various healing centres, yoga studios and hospitals, primarily in the Dublin area. The creation of ?Anahata? is a culmination of years of dedication to the healing arts.

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