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Master Shree

“I make this sound to give the whole world peace.” Shree "

A 3rd generation Tibetan Singing Bowl Healer and teacher
Master Shree,  is highly regarded and one of the foremost healers to introduce the sound healing in the Kathmandu valley of
and to work with Tibetan singing bowls. He learned about the bowls
from his adopted Tibetan grandfather, Tashi Lama, who came to Nepal
during the winters in the early 1980s. Through his sound studies with
the elder monk, master Shree learned the traditional secrets and the art of singing bowl
therapy and sound healing. He started to understand the
interconnections among the chakras, planets, metals, colors, and tones
and how working with the Tibetan singing bowls could enhance people’s
health and well-being.

For thirty years, master Shree has been using the Tibetan singing bowls to
give sound therapy, teach students, and perform concerts  throughout the world. He also is a valued member and adviser of the center.
We are proud to be associated with master Shree and his tradition of therapeutic healing of Singing bowl.

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