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Nabin - Founder

Nabin is a native of Nepal and was born in a small village in the west of the country. From the very beginning, village life sensitised Nabin to Yoga, energy work and spirituality....

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Rabin Thapa

Rabin Thapa, a native of Nepal, primarily instructs courses in Ancient Thai Massage & Yoga.

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Our Hatha Yoga Teacher/practitioner, and Thai Massage Teacher/Therapist Nirobin got training in professional Thai Massage from the center and is certified to teach 5 days & 10 days course. He had...

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Meena & Suresh Mishra

Both Meena and Suresh have been long standing teachers of the Sacred Dances of the Gods and Goddesses of Nepal at the center and in other venues in Nepal. They are leading experts in this field in the aspect of instructors, lecturers and performers. They have preformed and instructed since their...

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Master Shree

“I make this sound to give the whole world peace.” Master Shree " A 3rd generation Tibetan Singing Bowl Teacher and Sound Healer Master Shree, is highly regarded and pioneer in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal to work with Tibetan singing bowls. He learned about the bowls from...

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Sabin- Facilitator

A Reiki ii degree holder, a travel expert, Sabin started his tenure as an administrative officer in the early days of center's establishment. He then went on to pursue his career in the adventure tourism of Nepal handling and operating number of treks and tours for a few leading tour...

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