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Yoga is a scientific method towards evolution of the self. Yoga develops steadiness and comfort in the body, stillness of the mind, and a deep connection with spirit.

Through the discipline of practice with awareness, and acceptance a "knowing of the self occurs", this awareness brings change, which leads to growth, a growth which leads to evolution and transformation.

Whether you approach Yoga from the body's perspective, the mind, the emotions or the intellect, the result is the same. The result is in the action, the practice, the experience.

Yoga Classes & Courses

Regular Classes
Program for Spring

One Week Course

Integrating many practices, the course is an exploration for students of all levels into the practice of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha and the Shatkarmas or yogic cleansings of Hatha Yoga. The course has a strong element of relaxation and release both through the elements of Hatha Yoga mentioned and the practice of  and Mantra. Theory is also given to support the practices and preliminary stages of meditation introduced.

Mantra and Bhajan Practice (On Request)
1st Saturday of each Month, 8am - 10am
A Bhakti Yoga practice, chanting the MahaMrityunjaya Mantra (Healing Mantra) 108 times, followed by Kirtan and Bhajan (Devotional Songs). What ever your religious or spiritual orientation, these practices aim to harness emotional energy, to transform and balance it and bringing healing on many levels.

Additional dates and times may also be arranged for groups or individuals in consultation with the teacher

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