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Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy & Sound Healing

Pioneering school of Singing bowl course and sound healing in Nepal.

Explore the healing power of the vibration of sound and get intensive training in our in our singing bowl course in Nepal with with Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi.

In ancient times sound was used as a powerful tool for healing, meditation and self-transformation. Fortunately, the knowledge and skills of this art have been taught over many generations and are available in present days. You are welcome to learn the ancient form of healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls and get intensive training in this art at our center/school. Please email us at for dates and price

Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy & Sound Healing Course: 3 Days Professional Course (Chakra Therapy, Chakra Cleansing, Singing Bowl Balancing, Water Energetic healing, Meditation/Chanting, bowl healing for various ailments, Ancient Shamanic practice with bowls, bowl massage, mental peace concert session and much more taught in traditional Buddhist method)

The students will get overall training in all the vibrational therapy techniques as mentioned above with deeper understanding of sound, metal and intensity in which the singing bowl therapy should be performed. The fortunate ones who are given this encompassing type of healing are overwhelmed with the deepness of the experience they make. These are fantastic ways to powerfully experience deep meditation and relaxation. It is a wonderful gift to share with someone. 

General Course Information

This is a Professional Therapist course and certficate will be provided for completing the course. No previous experience is required to learn this course.

 The course is taught by Singing Bowl Grand Master, Shree Krishna Shahi,  3rd generation master/healer who has been giving profound knowledge to his students with passion and energy over 3 decades.

shree k. shahi teaching singing bowl to students.

  • Throughout the course, all skills, techniques and therapies will be practiced  intensively and thoroughly. Writing notes and practical excercises will be conducted each day as the course is being taught in ancient and traditional method of teachings in the Himalaya.

  • The course will be organized for minimum of one person to maximum of a small group.   . This way, the maximum value of the class and attention of the master is achieved.  
  • Usually, one course takes up to 12 hours, 4 hours a day for a period of 3 days. . This depends on capacity of the student on how fast he/she is learning. On some occasions, more time is given for some students who may need more time. 

  • Group healing/teachings can also be arranged privately on request

student attending singing bowl course Kathmandu healing course


For details on the cost, date and timing, please e-mail us on

Why students want to learn with us ?

  • We are one of the oldest sound healing school in Nepal offering courses and treatments in various healing arts since 1997. 
  • Our course is conducted by internationally renowned master Shree who has been into this art since 35 years. 
  • We have trained large numbers of students who are now renowned and professional healers
  • We incorporate all the techniques and exercise in one form of comprehensive course. So no further levels are required. 
  • For those who wish to buy bowls from us, we provide a master quality Singing bowl Chakra set at a reasonable price.
  • Our certificates are much in demand for sound healing all over the world. 

Benefits of Singing Bowl Therapy and Sound healing  

There are numerous benefits of Sound healing, to name a few;
  • Rejuvnates mind, body and promotes physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing 
  • Helps in healing of several mental and Psychological ailments such as migrane, anxiety, depression, body and muscle aches 
  • Bowl massage, vibrations help in clearing up blockages by increasing mental and emotional clarity 
  • Provides deep relaxation and promotes sleeps, stimulates blood flow and endocrine system and happy harmone 
  • Chakra Therapy session Cleanses and Balances Chakra and aura
  • Also used as tool for clearing up negative energy and cleansing of space whether it's your own room or office with practice of Shamanic session with the bowls by master.  

shree krishna shahi demonstrating singing bowl therapy

Singing Bowl Origin

Singing bowls (also known as 'Himalayan bowls' or suzu gongs in Japan) are a kind of bell, specifically classified as a standing bell which sit with the bottom surface resting. The sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound which can be used for spiritual purposes, meditation, relaxation, religious practice and personal well being. 

Singing bowls were historically made in TibetNepal, India, ChinaJapan and Korea. Today they are made in Nepal, India, Japan and Korea. 2013-08-01

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