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Ancient Thai Massage course

Ancient Thai Massage course is currently being held in Dublin/Ireland by Nabin Thapa(The founder and Senior Teacher) at Anahata Center.
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Ancient Thai massage has a long history of therapeutic healing. Like many of the ancient practices, they were preserved in an oral tradition and so little was written or documented about this ancient healing system, however the earliest roots of Ancient Massage are found in India. The founder of the art was a physician from northern India called Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, a contemporary of historical Buddha and a physician to the Maghada King Bimpisana and the Sangha.

The massage was designed with the needs of the order of Buddhist Nuns and Monks (the Sangha) in mind, who practiced passive meditation and so, were in need of this dynamic and balancing form of massage while the body remained an obstacle on their path towards enlightenment.

Ancient Thai Massage was then preserved and revived in The Kingdom of Thailand, where there is a strong tradition of Buddhism and so a connection to this historical and much revered physician, popularly known as Dr. Shivagakomarpaj, in Thailand.

Details of the energy lines stimulated through the practice of the massage are also to be found on the walls of Bangkok's oldest temple, Wat Po, which is where status are also to be seen depicting some of the dynamic movements which create this massage. These pieces of history indicate to us that this dynamic massage provides a unique method to align the energies of the body promoting the body's natural healing process.

Given its origins, preservation and evolvement the massage might be more correctly named Ancient Indo-Thai Massage.


The benefits from this massage are many and in essence it balances the body, mind and spirit.

Through the massage you can improve the functioning of the systems of the body through stimulation of the organs and glands and also the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body. In particular the massage is felt to be stimulating for the cardio-vascular system and the lymphatic system and balancing for the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems or in Yoga terms the Nadis, or subtle energy channels. On a more subtle level the body's own natural healing process is activated as the energy centers or charkas are brought into balance. In addition, a release of deeply held emotions may be experienced, a stillness of the mind and a feeling of oneness and clarity evoked.

The uniqueness of this massage is also in the benefits it gives to the practitioner. Unlike other forms of massage and body manipulation which can leave practitioners with aching limbs and low energy levels, Ancient Thai Massage once practiced correctly, serves also to align and open the body of the practitioner leaving the practitioner energized and with a feeling of well being at the end of the treatment.

Courses in Ancient Thai Massage

The purpose of any of the courses offered by the center in Ancient Thai Massage, is to instruct students in the Practice of this ancient form of massage.

The course emphasis is on passing on and perfecting the sequence of movements and developing the attitude in which the massage should be given. Using the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yogic Theory as a guide, some theory is also given to facilitate the students understanding of the various energy lines activated directly or indirectly throughout the massage. The Student will learn a sequence of movements, which allows them practice a full body massage loyal to this ancient tradition, which takes between 1.5 to 4 hours depending on the chosen course duration.

As an integral part of the course, students will also be given various techniques to help prepare themselves physically, mentally and spiritually for the practice of this massage. Such as Yogic Cleansings, Yoga Postures and Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Mantra and Energy Work.

During the instruction of the massage, great emphasis is given to the correct posture of the practitioner, which allows them to benefit from the practice of this massage as much as the receiver.

Course Specifics

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The One Week Course is designed to introduce the practice of Ancient Thai Massage and instructs the basic foundation on which all the longer courses are built, but in itself is extensive enough for those who are starting out in the field of massage. The student will learn a full body massage, however we recommend a period of practice following the course to deepen their knowledge and increase confidence.

The course is offered twice monthly; commencing the 1st & 4th Monday of each month, covers an expected total of 32 hours of teaching. The main body of instruction is over 5 consecutive days, with the 6th dedicated to guided practice, theory and feedback, the 7th being assessment day where you will perform the full body massage on your chosen client.

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The Two Week Course, introduces additional sequences and massage positions, such as working while the client is on their side, which allow the student to vary the length of the massage and the sequence of massage movements and more comfortably work with clients who have special needs. The longer study period also has the advantage of a more relaxed pace of study and absorption.

The course runs over the second & third weeks of each month total of 64 hours teaching. The course teaches for 6 consecutive days, with a break on Sunday. The second Saturday is dedicated to guided practice, theory and feedback, the 7th being assessment day where you will perform the full body massage on your chosen client.

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The 5 Week Course is geared to those who would like to have a deeper experience of the massage and healing and energy work generally and who may wish to practice professionally on successful completion of the course. Students will learn the extended massage sequences and their therapeutic application and theory.

The course is offered once annually and covers a total of 160 hours of teaching, instructed 6 days weekly, with a break on Sunday. On the 4th week the course will be taken in a location away from the center and Kathmandu, allowing students to have a break from Kathmandu and to enjoy the natural surroundings of Nepal. Practical and written assessment concludes the course.

Courses for Volunteers and Expatriates to Nepal are also offered evenings, covering a total of 30 hours over 10 weeks.

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The Massage

The massage is almost like a dance between the giver and receiver. It combines pressure along the energy lines of the body, manipulation, massage and passive yoga stretches. Fused with breath-work, the rhythmic flow of the massage is nurturing for both receiver and giver and provides a deep level of relaxation and rejuvenation.

During the massage, the practitioner not only uses fingers and hands, but toes, feet, forearms, elbows, knees, body weight and leverage to massage.

Unlike other massage forms, Ancient Thai Massage uses no oils or lotions and is received wearing loose comfortable clothing made form natural fibers. The massage is given on the floor on a thin cotton mat or futon style mattress.

Course Certification

Courses in Ancient Thai Massage are certified from the 'Kathmandu Center of Healing", stating the period of study, level of participation and degree of attainment following assessment.

The certificate carries the accredation of the Senior Teacher, Nabin Thapa, who has practiced Ancient Thai massage since the early 1990s, is the founding member of "the Kathmandu Center of Healing", a registered center in Kathmandu Nepal, and an associated member of "The Foundation of Dr. Shivagakomarpaj", Thai Traditional Hospital, Chang Mai, Thailand

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